Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snowy GAR Gravesite

Last week's snow almost buried the headstone of a veteran of the Civil War and Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) member in a small cemetery south of Lisbon, Iowa. The GAR, a fraternal and political organization dissolved after the last living Civil War vet passed, however GAR is supported today by other groups dedicated to preserving the gravesites of Civil War veterans. This particular grave is located close to the authentic Gettysburg Battlefield boulder which was officially secured and transported to Lisbon's cemetery in 1916.


  1. Very interesting photo.

    I'm curious to know how deep that snow actually is since there's nothing in the shot for me to actual gauge the height of that tombstone.

    1. That particular marker is probably a foot tall. So the GAR marker is about 14 inches high. Both are placed on a slight slope making any snow deposits either deep or slight depending on the storm direction.