Saturday, March 16, 2013

No Comet Pan-Starrs Sightings in My Skies - Yet

The first visible comet of the 2013, Comet Pan-Starrs did not give up its dusk sky position at the 42N HQ on Wednesday, March 13th. While several northern latitude observers have already reported seeing and photographing the comet, the boiling ice ball has remained an elusive light smudge for me. So I concentrated on capturing a two or three day old moon instead.  

Compounding the frustration of not getting a visual lock on the comet, has been cloudy sky conditions at or near sunset. Current information about where to find the comet, its improving brightness, and possible fragmentation can be found here. I am poised to find Pan-Starrs on the next cloudless evening which could be this Sunday (St. Patrick's Day.) Good luck with your search.


  1. If it's not too late, I wish you luck. This is a nice capture, though :)