Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013 - Cascade's Agnes Dei

Church symbolism can be complex and beautiful. Case in point is this stained glass window in a former Roman Catholic church located in Cascade, Iowa. This window's central theme shows the Lamb of God (with three-rayed nimbus signifying divinity) lying on the Book of Seven Seals. The Lamb carries a banner that is often called an Easter or Resurrection banner, which signifies Christ's victory over death. This image is an ancient Christian symbol and can be found on 2,000 year old Roman catacombs. It is regarded as the greatest symbol used in Christian art to represent God the Son.

Cascade's St. Mary's Church, built for German immigrants, was de-blessed by a priest as part of a formal decommissioning procedure in the mid-1990s. Parishioners merged with the mostly Irish congregation of nearby St. Martin's Church. The church changed its name to St. Matthias.

All original stained glass windows remain in the former St. Mary's church, which is now known as Annie's Treasures, an antique store. In a way the transformation of the church into a shop is a rebirth too.

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  1. You have these indoor backlit scenes down pat. Excellent.