Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grain Bins Hold the 2010 Harvest

As noted earlier in 42N blog posts, the countryside here reflects the grain agriculture nature of the Hawkeye state. In Iowa our mid-continent, mid latitude land is farmed primarily for corn and soybean production. These grains form the basis for livestock feed, fuel, or any number of things that manufacturers produce using these main staples (like starch.)

Small towns and rural crossroads with one or more bins like this scene above are quite common. Bins can represent storage and mixing facilities for livestock food. Feed mixture can be customized for a variety of livestock needs from poultry to cattle. Minerals and other additives can be mixed with corn or soybeans to deliver whatever the livestock producer requires for his/her livestock operation.

Steel bin imagery is often taken for granted because it is repeated so often around the region. These bins however, represent an important link from field to food, energy and material production around the world. Know that.

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