Thursday, November 18, 2010

Almost Aced By the Spear of Destiny

A few weeks ago while attempting to compose better photos I backed into what I thought was a solid wall. Turns out the wall was made up of these spear-like spikes of various heights. As I regained my balance I pressed against the spikes and turned around to see what had happened. There staring at me were these spear points (see top photo.) I, of course, instantly thought of the story of the Roman Centurion whose lance was known as the Spear of Destiny. In this case no damage was done and I was able to get the shots before rain fell. But for an instant the spear fence almost became my destiny. Know that.


  1. That's beautiful iron work on that gate.

  2. I love good iron work! Funny what interesting things we run into when composing a photograph. Sometimes the B side is better LOL

  3. I really love these shots :) Glad there was no injuries :)