Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pleiades Rise Over Iowa

Rising in the east during early evening is an open star cluster called the Pleiades, or Messier 45, in the constellation Taurus. In olden times this bed of blue white young stars (middle top in photo) was often called the Seven Sisters and considered a test of good eyes to resolve the stars. Actually there are far more than seven stars in the cluster - click here. North American nighttime viewers can easily view the Pleiades cluster all winter long - rising just ahead of Orion the hunter. Note the double contrail visible above the roof line. Interesting. Know that.

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  1. I'll be watching closely Saturday morning to see how your boys do against Northwestern. I find them to be rather scary. They are up and beat somebody "bigger" then themselves one weekend only to lose the next.

    They lost last weekend - - - so watch out!!!