Monday, November 8, 2010

Scotty, Beam Me to Riverside, Iowa

One of the fictional series, Star Trek's early references is to the birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. His birthplace will be in 42N's Riverside, Iowa in the year 2228. After obtaining permission from series creator, Gene Roddenberry the city of Riverside initiated an annual festival called Trekfest in the 1980s.

Today you can find a stone marker indicating where James Kirk will be born, a Romulan bar or two (depending on their financial viability) and this object. It is a model of the USS Riverside, NCC 1818 which is present along the main road of the town. Sometimes the series actors show up for Trekfest.  The man himself William Shatner even punked the town with a fake movie gag - all in good natured fun. When traveling here regardless of your mode of transportation be sure to see the Star Trek displays, shops and pubs. Also bring your credits (think Harry Mudd) for the nearby casino action too. Know that.

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  1. What a cool and fun festival idea!

    Fisherhubby was a HUGE fan of the original Trek series - - - we faithfully taped all the episodes. Too bad that was on VHS tape, which we no longer use - - - -