Sunday, August 2, 2015

FIFI B-29 Prepares for Takeoff at KCID Cedar Rapids Iowa

Fifi the B-29 World War II bomber made a four day stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this weekend. These three photos are from this morning during the plane's last full day here. Yesterday the weather was fantastic and many people turned out to see the aircraft and other WWII era fighters.

By going black and white and jacking the contrast I produced this old time looking image of the plane. With some sand and tropical trees this could very well be some runway in the South Pacific during 1945.

Fifi's late morning trip around the Cedar Rapids area ended with another successful landing at KCID. Airport Park area on the east side of the property is an excellent place to see and hear planes of all sorts come and go. Its just not everyday when a historic aircraft like the B-29 comes to town.

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