Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fr. John C Grim - 28th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers - More Research Needed

Southwest of Stone City, Iowa, the place that artist Grant Wood immortalized on canvas is a very small and old cemetery. Recently at that location I spotted a number of small US flags still in place almost a month after Independence Day. I came across this headstone of a Civil War vet named, Father John Conrad Grim. His service in the 28th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers is noted in this more recent headstone. Many stones of that era (turn of the century) are made of marble, and years of weather erosion have nearly erased most of the information. Whether that is the case for Fr. Grim's original stone is for further research.

The 28th Regiment, according to this website was involved in many famous battles including Antietam, Bull Run, Chattanooga, Kennesaw and of course Gettysburg. The regiment also was present for General Johnston's army surrender. It's not clear when Fr. Grim came into the regiment but the possibility that he participated in these historic campaigns raises some interesting research possibilities.


  1. This is my grandmothers grandfather. My grandfather replaced his headstone!

  2. What stories or research do you have on your ancestor?