Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Towboat James F. Neal Passes Through Lock & Dam 15

The Ingram towboat, James F. Neal passed through Lock and Dam 15 on the Mississippi River at the Rock Island Arsenal across from Davenport, Iowa. Look closely on the brown concrete wall as the level of the lower river is marked within the lock. The waters will rise up to the red bricks below the control house before the barges are pushed upriver.

The James F. Neal pushes barges upriver and ties together another barge segment before moving north towards Lock and Dam 14 about 10 miles away.

I have included these photos to show those who have never visited a lock and dam system on a big river. The sights are impressive with boats and people moving grain, fuel, metals and assorted goods from region to region. These 24/7 operated boats and lock systems truly demonstrate how America works.

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