Monday, December 26, 2011

Iowa Native Beadwork Vest

Museums showcase many things. In between the pottery, spear points and ceremonial pipes crafted by Iowa natives (Chippewa, Mesquakie and Ioway) is this portion of a vest. It is displayed at the University of Iowa's MacBride Hall Museum of Natural History among the shoes and other outer wear.

This section of the museum is easily overlooked by students because it does not compare to the replica giant sloth (named Rusty) or display of geologic fossils. However the vest is worthy of the same scrutiny of any piece of art. Look at the design and work effort required to assemble the vest. Rusty might be able to draw the crowds of kids, but the museum's diverse display of early Iowa culture will keep them coming back for decades. Know that.

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  1. This is really well-written, Dave. You also make excellent points.