Sunday, December 25, 2011

Things from Christmas Past

Take a stroll through Grapevine Antiques in Amana, Iowa during December and you will find lots of things that people once used to celebrate Christmas.

Large colorful lights once used to decorate indoor Christmas trees now fill a white porcelain pan. A box of red ball ornaments from the 1950s sits nearby.

A toy helicopter without its main rotor blade, stands out among the Santas, old tinsel and nativity scenes. This small item once symbolized fascination with the Santa delivery concept, the emergence of Rudolf, and an ideal of plentiful gift giving of a particular era. Today the copter with a few photographic modifications can still draw the imagination of a once small child. Know that.


  1. wind-up toys are great - no batteries!
    They still make a few wind-up robots made from tin.

  2. It's fun to see those old-time lightbulbs again; I actually prefer them over the new ones--the colors just aren't the same.