Sunday, December 4, 2011

Low Water Fishing at Iowa's Palisades State Park

Late season fishing on the Cedar River within the Palisades State Park means fewer crowds, fewer bugs and sometimes lower water levels. These two anglers came up empty while I was visiting the sand bar.

A lower river level at the park means that the exposed dolomite walls can be more readily explored - if you can get across the river. Not many people can traverse the water from this vantage point so these small caves tend to be less disturbed.

On this day the progression of the Cedar's lowering water can be observed in a series of braided pebble debris and sand lines. Despite the lower water level rock hunters can find all sorts of chert, coral fossils, and glacial debris on the ever changing sand bars. Know that.

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  1. 'Looks like a fabulous place to fish, the river side is much like we see 'round the Ozarks.

    I sure enjoyed your wonderful photos...great man!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself one fantastic day!!! :o)