Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yukon to Florida Via Oxford Junction, Iowa

A visitor to Oxford Junction, Iowa on Sunday, August 7th stopped briefly to look for a meal. I was in town to photograph more of the preserved DX gas station (just out of frame - see it here.) I didn't get his name but he is a recently retired physical education teacher who is bicycling from a small town in the Canadian Yukon, near Alaska to Sarasota, Florida. He has been on the road exactly two months and expects to be so for another month.

Oxford Junction, a very small town in eastern Iowa only had one place open for dinner on Sunday. That facility turned out to be a seniors center which unfortunately could not accommodate the international traveler. 

The man told me that it was no big deal about the lack of open restaurants. "I'll find one in the next town," he told me. His target for the day was Muscatine, Iowa which is on the Mississippi River. He told me that he is from Austria and will fly there once he gets to Florida. He thought this was a great way to start retirement. Can't argue with that. Know that.

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