Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ford Model A Day in Amana, Iowa

Amana is one of Iowa's top tourist destinations. Last Saturday the third annual Ford Model A exhibit included car clubs and individual owners who proudly displayed their working vehicles from the late 1920s to the early 1930s. One owner honked his Ahooga horn for me to make it an offical visit.

102 Model A cars registered for this static display along with a few Model Ts and early working trucks. Participation is up from 98 cars last year so the event is drawing increasing numbers of vintage cars despite the recession. Many Model A cars are from central and eastern Iowa plus a few from the Quad Cities area and western Illinois.

Car owners came over for the day, parked their vehicle and then shopped in the many Amana stores. At 3 PM the owners started their eighty year old cars and headed home. I followed one Ford for a while and discovered that Model A cars just didn't go too fast - maybe that's why they survive.

Another highlight of the vehicle get together was a fashion show of Model A era clothing (some real, some a reproduction.) After the models started stopping for me to photograph them individually I felt as if I had to accommodate each one, eventually I slipped away at a convenient break in the action. They probably thought I was from the local paper or Elle magazine. Know that.


  1. Cute. The wives like to have a little fun, too. :) My BIL has a Model A or a Model T (I always forget.) It's beautiful. He drives it to the family reunion every year--The old timers especially love it, of course. Great shots.