Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Quad Cities Air Show - Part 3

The recent tragic death of an airshow stunt flyer who fell trying to reach a helicopter from a biplane reminded me that I had these remaining images to post from June's Quad Cities Air Show. In June this guy successfully made it from the Stearman biplane to the helicopter.

The support plane for the Navy's Blue Angles is this C-130 Hercules. The plane demonstrated low passes for the crowd like those used in real combat situations. The plane also showed how it could land very quickly using lots of flaps, powerful reverse thrust and maybe someone standing on the brakes. This demonstration alone was a crowd pleaser. 

The highlight of the June show was the performance by the Blue Angels. They made several passes in formation, flew upside down, demonstrated vertical thrust and a variety of other aerial wonders.

While this day was dominated by a cloud cover it turned out to be a positive advantage for the crowd. The at times dark sky provided a dramatic background for the oncoming Blue Angels with full smoke on.

The show ended soon after this spectacular blooming pass. I don't know the correct air show name for the maneuver but it certainly wowed the crowd. Next came the show's lowlight - a one hour and 15 minute crawl in the car inching out of the parking area - but it was worth it. Parts 1 and 2 of this series can be found here and here. Know that.

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