Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DX Gas Station Still Exists in Midwest

A staple in 42N Midwestern towns for many years was the neighborhood DX gas station. In 1968 the company was bought by the Sun Oil Company (now called SUNOCO) and the DX name was slowly removed and replaced.

Driving through the countryside to take in Fall harvest scenes and above normal temperature, the 42N crew came to the town of Oxford Junction, Iowa (41.98N, 90.95W.) There, right on a Main Street corner, stands the DX station sign, vintage gas pumps and small service building - all preserved.

The odd thing about coming upon that DX station was the nearly automatic check off in the brain that says, yes this gas station belongs here. A split second later that the brain corrects itself with the notion that the scene shouldn't be there anymore. Its a museum or tribute now. Hmm, a sign of aging. Know that.