Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Quad Cities Air Show - Part 2

The Quad Cities Air Show held in Davenport, Iowa last weekend included a variety of aircraft and flight performances. Precision parachuters battled moderate winds on Saturday. Their skills enabled the team to land on target.

The Lucas Oil barnstormer made incredible turns, stalls and dives. And like many of the performers did so with a trail of smoke to highlight the flight characteristics.

A rare jet assisted glider also wowed the crowd with its graceful climbs and dives performed much slower than its propeller counterparts. The jet engine was not engaged during loops and drives but turned on to regain airspeed for the next set of performances.

The sturdiness of a World War II Stearman is tested by a low level pull out.

Another World War II trainer showed the crowd the difference in technology between the Stearman and this A-6 Texan. Know that.


  1. That reminds me--Oshkosh should be hosting EAA again soon; it brings aircraft fans from all over the world. You captured some winners here!

  2. I really like air shows! love the parachuter with the flag!