Friday, July 23, 2010

Thirteen Airworthy B-17s - A Small Group

Airworthy B-17s are a scarce commodity. This week the Aluminum Overcast paid a two day visit to 42N country. The World War II warbird is one of only about 13 airworthy B-17s left in the world. Some 12,731 B-17s were constructed during the war era. Of that number, many airships were destroyed in combat or after the war as obsolete aircraft. Only a small number survived the reclamation process as newer bombers like the B-29, B-36 and later early jet-bombers were introduced into military inventory.

The B-17 is an American icon of the Second World War. Preservation individuals and groups have made it possible for the people of the 21st century to see, hear and touch these aged warriors. The presence of these bombers at various events across the country gives veterans a chance to experience something they and their families are forever connected to. It also gives the public a chance to see how large and powerful these crafts were in turning the tide of war in the European and Pacific theaters of war.

Here is a list of B-17 Name or Nose Art – Owners – Base Locations:

1. Aluminum Overcast - EAA - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
2. Chuckie – W.D. Hospers - Fort Worth, Texas
3. Fuddy Duddy – Gen. William Lyon – John Wayne/Orange City, California
4. Liberty Belle – Liberty Foundation- Douglas, Georgia
5. Memphis Belle (Replica) – MARC/ Dave Tallichet – Chino, California
6. Miss Angela – Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, California
7. Nine O’Nine – Collins Foundation – Stow, Massachusetts
8. Pink Lady – Forteresse Toujours Volante – Paris – Orly Airport, France
9. Sally B – B-17 Preservation Ltd. – Duxford, England
10. Sentimental Journey – CAF Arizona Wing – Mesa, Arizona
11. Texas Raiders – CAF – Houston, Texas
12. Thunderbird – Lone Star Flight Museum – Galveston, Texas
13. Yankee Lady – Yankee Airforce – Willoe Run/Bellville, Michigan
A. Boeing B – Museum of Flight – Seattle, Washington (stored)
B. Shady Lady – Evergreen Aviation Museum – McMinnville, Oregon (static)

Over time, 42N has seen the Aluminum Overcast, Chuckie, and Sentimental Journey aircrafts – representing 25-percent of the all flying B-17s. If you get a chance see or ride one of these four-engine bombers you will experience a portion of what it was like to fight imperialism and fascism from the air. Know that.

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