Monday, July 19, 2010

A Postcard from the Road

What are the odds in finding a 42N postcard these days?  Pretty much zero -unless I create one. So here is a road scene from US Route 151 southbound near Springville, Iowa that I took yesterday and transformed it into a postcard. Sidebar: I am looking into how to create those multi-photo images that make up letters and numerals you see on state greeting cards.

With above average rains for the summer and relaxed state maintenance budgets, Queen Anne's Lace can be seen flourishing in the median along much of the highway. Though considered a noxious weed by the USDA, the Iowa DOT uses the June through August bloomer as a decorative element to slow grass growth. Queen Anne's Lace is considered a carrot growing in a land filled with corn and soybeans. Know that.


  1. You have a wonderfully different blog site here that I am clearly going to have to take some time to investigate further and learn something for once as my knowledge of all things American is still pretty sketchy.

  2. Look at you, branching out :) Love your postcard.