Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why a Potosi Coca-Cola Cooler Just Needs a Bit of Work

Summertime in mid-America means outdoor auctions. And auctions mean almost everything is available to buyers - for the right price. Recently in 42N's Potosi, Wisconsin, an item became available for the serious restorer. A rusty Coca-Cola refrigerated cooler frame was for sale complete with only what you see here - four walls and floor.

While some of these coolers sell for around $800 when restored, the Potosi frame will take a bit of work but it has potential. I found this competed cooler photo here. The bottle opener seen in the upper right hand corner of the complete unit compares to the rusty unit's post foundations.

I didn't stay to see the rusty frame sell but it probably wasn't much more than a hundred dollars judging on how other transactions were completed that day. While it would be cool (no pun intended) to have a fully restored cooler for your bottled cola, my preference is Pepsi, the chief rival product of Coke. Know that.

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  1. Nooooooo! And I thought I liked you! Pepsi?! Well, know THIS--Calumet, Michigan is apparently a big COKE town, because I found plenty when I was there last weekend :)

    And P.S. The hostesses of the bocce party I attended a few weeks ago have a cooler JUST like the ones in this post. I'll have to send them this link!