Sunday, May 20, 2018

B-17 Aluminum Overcast Visits Burlington, Iowa

Almost annually a WWII warbird visits the Hawkeye state. This year, Aluminum Overcast, one of nine flying B-17s made a three day stop in Burlington situated along the Mississippi River on May 4th through 6th.

Crawling up ladder to the nose of the plane you enter a world from the 1940s. Here in the cockpit is a mix of wartime flight technology from 75 years ago blended with modern avionics for safer travel.

One of the secrets of B-17 longevity in battle was the strength of its fuselage. Notice the rivet pattern of small squares on the aluminum airframe. These assembly points made it possible for the frame to better remain intact during flak bursts or gun fire.

One of four props at rest. Aluminum Overcast, until next time...

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  1. Aluminum Overcast joined two other B-17s, Yankee Lady and the movie Memphis Belle, in a flyover at the Air Force Museum on May 16th, for the celebration of the opening of the new Memphis Belle exhibit. They were supposed to land but the weather precluded it. On the 17th the movie Memphis Belle didn't land with the other two. Still, seeing a formation of three B-17s was pretty cool!