Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sky of Blue and Sea of Green

For those who live outside of America's corn belt here is a typical scene of a summertime sea of green. A trip to the country throughout the Midwest yields views of mostly corn, soybeans, hay or other grain crops. But make no mistake corn is king around these parts. This field is located just north of Cambridge, Illinois on the way to Geneseo. Localized rains make some fields look great while others are appear withering. In recent years so much corn has been planted to meet the demands of human and livestock feed, starch materials, and for ethanol production. In these mid-latitudes it is common to see fields stretching horizon to horizon filled with corn. All we need is more rain.


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  2. Too much impressed from this blog and really thankful to you for posting this blog. Because I really like to grow indoor plants and sea of green is one of them. Thankful to you.