Wednesday, July 18, 2012

B-29 "Fifi" Lands At Eastern Iowa Airport Cedar Rapids CID

The only flying B-29, named Fifi, landed about 2 PM today at the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID.) After circling the airport twice the World War II bomber landed then taxied to the PS Air terminal. To get perspective of the bomber's size, I photographed Fifi and an United jet in the same frame. The dust above the B-29 came from construction activities on the north-south runway area.

Fifi is based in Addison, Texas (north of Dallas.) It makes several appearances throughout the year offering tours and rides. Locally an aerospace communications company, Rockwell Collins made the B-29's original radio equipment. Some of the company's retirees are expected to visit the plane during the three day visit.

During World War II, my uncle served on a B-29 as a tail gunner in the Pacific. He talked passionately about the plane and crew but often discussed how his compartment was pressurized due to the altitude. He said it was hard to sit in that area and do his job. I'll be touring the plane in the next few days and will find out exactly what that experience was like.

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