Thursday, July 26, 2012

On a Clear Day You Can See...Clear Lake!

Behold Clear Lake, Iowa, one of a few glacier formed lakes gifted to the Hawkeye State courtesy of the last ice age. Located in extreme northern Iowa, Clear Lake is rimmed by lakeside houses and businesses. Being a large, natural lake by Iowa standards (seven miles long, half mile wide,) it draws many people throughout the year. Last Saturday under nearly 100F temperatures the lake was understandably saturated with sailboats, power boats, and kayaks. I spotted only a few people fishing while the majority of boaters took part in nautical cruising.

In the background (looking south) is a portion of a tens of miles long wind farm that makes use of mid-continent climate and topography to produce electricity. Directly behind me is the famous Surf Ballroom. But the big question the lake really clear? Yes it is, due to being spring-fed. Come visit and see for yourself.

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