Sunday, September 25, 2011

Did NASA's UARS Satellite Crash Along 42N?

Between Friday night and Saturday, did the failing UARS satellite impact terraferma? Somewhere between 57 degrees north and south of the equator, the 6-ton defunct satellite was expected to fall from orbit. Some heavier satellite parts were expected to survive the heated plunge.

While the world waits for visual, radar and other reports of the plunge, this cratered depression was found today near the 42N town of Toronto, Iowa. It has all the elements of a fallen satellite impact; charred pieces of organic material, roughly circular shaped depression, ejecta lines and various deposits of melted metal. Seems to add up to a UARS impact.

Then again, take a closer look. Turns out this is a campfire pit with burnt wood and a melted aluminum can. No UARS here but it got you to look. Know that.

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