Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Old Threshers Reunion - Part II

At the Old Threshers Reunion on Labor Day weekend, there is an emphasis on the progression of labor saving machinery. To start things off there is a parade of animal power as it applies to farm work. Here a team of large horses are prepared to pull a wagon before the parade begins. 

The team winds up pulling a wooden school bus wagon that was actually used in the Mt. Pleasant area around 1915. Its a far cry from the modern Bluebird yellow school buses that are made nearby.

One of the trainers takes her horse back to the stable. The powerful horse demonstrated how walking in a circle while tethered to a hay bailer automated some of the intensive laborious process back in the day. 

In the twentieth century, horse power eventually yielded to steam and gas powered tractors. Some area Amish farmers still use horses to work their land. Other farmers do the same on smaller scales or keep horses for events such as the Old Threshers Reunion. Know that.

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