Saturday, September 17, 2011

Classic Chrome Hood Ornament

This summer has afforded seemingly endless opportunities to observe vintage cars. One example at the 2011 Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa over the Labor Day weekend showcased early to mid-century cars among all the farm machinery. At a certain red, old time car, a few people busily photographed this classic design hood ornament. I decided to get in on the action and took this closeup image. Several other people waited to take photos of the winged chrome ornament and car after I was done. Too bad that I did not record the year and make of the vehicle. Who knows this may be a famous one of a kind. Now you've seen it too. Know that.


  1. I bet you could find out by search your image in google image search which accepts pictures.
    I'm guessing a Mercury since it looks like the god Mercury.

  2. I'm sure some car lover will identify it, eventually. Lisleman's idea is a good one, too. Very nice.

  3. I know this is old but I stumbled upon it and can answer your question. The car is a 1935 Auburn model 851 Speedster. It is powered by a supercharged straight 8 and was guaranteed to have been driven over 100 MPH at the factory before delivery. They are rare and awesome cars and were only made in 1935 & 1936. Sadly 36 was the last year of Auburn - another great American marque claimed by the Depression.