Sunday, March 6, 2011

Burlington's Span Across the Mississippi River

Before Des Moines was the capital of Iowa there was Iowa City, which served as the second territorial capital and later the first state capital of Iowa. Before Iowa City there was Burlington which served as Iowa territory's first capital site in 1837. Part of the reason for the city's location is the Mississippi River. On this warm late winter day the river is free of ice, the barge traffic was seen moving empties upriver and a few bald eagles flew overhead.

Near the Port of Burlington building is a view of the Great River Bridge. The asymmetrical stayed bridge opened in April 1990 at a construction cost of $49 million. In the foreground is the Lady Liberty of Burlington statue which is very similar to the same statue (size, composition, color) located in Cedar Rapids. Both statues are connected to the efforts of the Boy Scouts. In 2008 flood waters reached the black line above the plaque on the base of the statue. Similarly in Cedar Rapids the flood of 2008 reached the statue's body. Coincidence? Know that.

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