Monday, March 14, 2011

Curious Cattle

Today's warm weather pulled the 42N team over a few counties to the east. In Jones County, Iowa the rural livestock residents took time from their mid-afternoon feeding to gaze upon us as we looked at them.

We also observed several farmers moving hay from storage areas like this (left) to feedlots or pastures for their livestock.

Other observations included these telltale signs of Spring - large new inventory at local John Deere dealers, muddy tire tracks on hard road surfaces, and the smell of wet earth. With one week before Spring begins the world observed here along the 42nd parallel corresponds to the calendar. Know that.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like MOST of your snow is gone - - - ours is shrinking with a few bare spots opening up.

    I even stood outdoors in the sun chatting with someone for about 30 minutes today - - - no coat - - - and I didn't even get cold. I THOUGHT it must be really summery out - - - maybe near 50 degrees or so.

    Came in and checked - - - 39. HA!!! 39 feels HOT after our winter.