Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gettysburg Battlefield Boulder in Lisbon, Iowa

Its hard to believe that not everything in the world lies on the 42 North parallel. However within just a few degrees either way of the famous latitude there are actually more interesting people, things and places.

Located in nearby Lisbon, Iowa (41.92 N, 91.39 W) is something from half a country away. In 1916 the Womans Relief Corps obtained a large boulder from the Gettysburg, PA (39.83N, 77.23 W) battlefield and had it moved to eastern Iowa's Lisbon Cemetery. The apx. five foot tall boulder is sheltered from the elements and contains a bronze plaque. The battlefield remnant is made of the same rocky material as the current day stone walls found around the historic battlefield. At the base of this stone are bronze markers with the names of America's wars.

Just a few feet away is this concrete triangular base. I suspect it held 10 canon balls like those found at many military displays. Either that or its a buried golf ball from Dwight Eisenhower who maintained a house adjacent to the battlefield and was known to play much golf after serving as President. Know that.

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