Friday, October 8, 2010

UPDATE: Olin, Iowa Fire Aftermath - A Call for Living Supplies

The 42N Observations blog site received a lot of page visits today. I discovered the reason was a posting on Craigslist - Des Moines, Iowa regarding the recent fire in Olin, Iowa where the 42N team was on the scene. Click this link for the back story posted yesterday.

Here is the Craigslist  posting from today:

"I got a call today from my sister whose garage and house caught fire on Wednesday, Everything is a total loss due to fire, smoke and water damage. Everyone made it out okay along with 1 of her sons companion dogs, the other companion dog known as Rolly, his 3 legged pooch was found unresponsive under my nieces bed 45min after the flames broke out, thanks to quick thinking firefighters his life was saved. The fire is still under investigation, I don't know anything about insurance as my sister is a total wreck and trying to make sure the kids have a safe place to stay while they work with the police and fire marshall while cleaning up.


6-8 pants, M-L shirt, 6.5-7 shoe

33x33 Pants, L shirt, his only pair of shoes are on his feet and he's helping with clean up.

Tanner (boy) Age 11
12 Regular Pants, Size 14 shirt, 6.5 Shoe

Braydon (boy) Age 10
12 Husky Pants, Size14 Shirts, 6 Shoe

Rylee (girl) Age 6
Size 5-6 Pants and Shirts, Unsure of shoe size at this time

Delilah (girl) Age 24 months
24 Month clothes, Size 6 shoe, Still in diapers size 5

Chloe (girl) Age 8 months
9-12 Months, Size 2 Shoes, Size 4 diapers.

They need diapers, wipes, diaper ointment, toiletries, bathroom items, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, pet food, pet supplies any and all household items and supplies.
I can pick up anytime between 8am-3:30pm and 4:30pm-9pm for bigger items, Feel free to call me at 515-971-2194, If anyone has anything they would like to drop off, please email me ( and I will give you my address.

Here is a couple links to the story

Let's show some Des Moines Metro Community spirit and give whatever you can give to help it will be much appreciated!"

Help where you can. Know that.

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