Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pig on a Stick - Lamb on a Stick

42N country's rural areas are made up of grain farming (corn and soybeans) and livestock production - no surprise for many in the breadbasket of America. Many county fairgrounds have dedicated areas for 4H related livestock shows during the summer.

On this day the 42N crew stopped at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Vinton, Iowa. Seen in two buildings are these wooden animals on a stick with numbers. Odd. What they represent are pens for either lambs or pigs with an identification for bedding and judging. Still the thought of a pig or lamb on a stick is much like the Iowa State Fair's claim to have many forms of food available on a stick.

On a side note: while most of the 42N area farmland is nearly harvested (soybean and corn harvesting), a single stalk of green corn in the silking stage grows near the pig building. Protected by the building and a west facing direction, the corn plant probably will continue to grow for a few more weeks before the overnight frost gets colder and stays longer. A sign of the fall. Know that.


  1. I live in suburbia surrounded by some farms, but it is always interesting to me to learn about places different from my little corner of the world!

  2. If it doesn't blow away first, right?!

    This was funny, Dave :)