Sunday, November 20, 2016

Remembrance Day Gettysburg - Iowa Connection

This year is the 153rd anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address delivered at the dedication ceremony of Soldiers' National Cemetery. Remembrance Day is an annual event to reflect upon the Gettysburg battle, watch modern reenactors parade through Gettysburg and hear Lincoln's famous speech. While I have detailed the Iowa connection before in the 42N blog (post here), today's anniversary of the Lincoln speech (actually it was yesterday) served as a reminder to re-photograph the monument in the Lisbon, Iowa cemetery before the winter snows come.

I submitted a story idea to the Cedar Rapids Gazette some time ago for their Sunday column about area history. The reporter did a great job in crafting the story of how the boulder got from the battlefield to Lisbon, Iowa. It is only one of two boulders to have been removed from the Gettysburg battlefield for display purposes. Read the Gazette article here.

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  1. I also posted this one at the FB page "The Forgotten Iowa Historical Society"