Saturday, June 13, 2015

B-17 Aluminum Overcast at the Waterloo Airport

Waterloo Airport was the scene today for the B-17G Aluminum Overcast World War II bomber. The plane is at the airport through 5 pm Sunday, June 14.

A close-up of the WWII-era nose art.

These engines are inspected several time daily for wear and damage. Yup that's me in the reflection.

Tail rudder and aileron of the back end of the bomber. I did some high f/stop work here.

These guys marveled how a very thin gunner would get in the bottom turret. They remarked how this extremely small enclosure was for 17-18 year olds of the 1940s but not of this era. They speculated that people are much larger now.

The walking tour inside the aircraft started with a climb up to the cockpit and then a walk over the bomb bay to the machine gun area amidship. Finally the tour ended at the back of the plane.

The plexi nose cone gave the bomber crew a clear view of any enemy fighters coming at them. The "G" model consisted of the addition of two forward pointing 50 caliber machine guns. Stop by to see this flying history aircraft. Read more tour stop details here.

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