Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pickin' the Pickers in LeClaire, Iowa

I hadn't been to the American Pickers place for nearly three years. They have added a brick building that houses some of their TV finds and lots of souvenirs. The car which is a Nash Statesman Super is seen in many episodes and is located on the front of the property.
Their original store is still open and filled with picked items and souvenirs too. On this day - no Mike, no Frank and no Danielle but Emily who does the store's social media was there.
Inside the new brick building is the 1940 Indian motorcycle that Frank and Mike pulled from the earth in Salem, MA in April 2014 - Season 6, Episode 21. The title of the episode is the Legend of the Lost Indian.


  1. It is still a popular show internationally, attracting audience like myself from Singapore. Thanks for posting...

  2. I am looking to buy a 1961 through 1967 Ford Econoline Pickup, registered /licensed and running/ pay top dollar for good to excellent condition Ron Sutton