Monday, April 27, 2015

Keokuk's Battle of Appomattox Ends Reenactment Series after 28 Years

A deeply sorrowed 'President Lincoln' watches the final surrender ceremonies at Keokuk, Iowa's Rand Park this past Sunday. The reenactment featured the replay of the Battle of Appomattox and the surrender of General Lee. Following the ceremony, actors from both sides resumed their normal personalities. Mr. Lincoln (who is played by Max Daniels of Wheaton, IL) posed with many audience members for selfies and group photos.

Keokuk's tourism board decided to not go forward with the Civil War series due to dwindling audience attendance, aging reenactment member population and the lack of younger members joining the players community. At Sunday's reconstructed battle a crowd of 300 or so people looked on to experience the sights and sounds of soldiers, horses, canons, guns, tents, bands and of course the Lincolns.

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  1. Sad to hear this. We've never been there before, and friends told us about it. We planned to go for the event, but a funeral attendance in Cedar Rapids cancelled our trip to Keokuk. I guess we should have heard about the re-enactments sooner.