Sunday, June 8, 2014

Aluminum Overcast Visits Cedar Rapids During 2014 D-Day + 70 Years - Part 2

A friendly smile from a EAA volunteer who helps to organize the next list of passengers and allows others to view the B-17 aircraft close up.

The Aluminum Overcast flight crew in uniform. The pilot is on the left and the copilot is the second from the left.

The business end of a B-17. We were told that all thirteen machine guns on board B-17s only had ammunition belts that stretched nine yards long - 27 feet! That was enough for a continuous one minute burst.That's "Lee" in the enclosure.

The aircraft maintenance guy told me that he only worries when these engines STOP dripping oil.

A different angle on an old warbird. Aluminum Overcast will be here in Cedar Rapids through today, June 8, 2014 before going to the next city on the tour.

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