Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WMT's Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade 2013 - Day 3 Finish

Day three of WMT's Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade 2013 concluded at noon today after a trip from Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids to nearby Swisher, Shueyville and Ely. This was the third loop in three days of riding from Hawkeye Downs to various locations nearby. Interesting note to self: On day 3 the Tractorcade runs a short route as to be back to the starting point by noonish. Above is the second to last group of tractors heading for home base. 

Ron and Jamie Ginkens of Chariton, Iowa load their 1963 Farmall on a flatbed trailer for the 140 mile trip home. After tying down the tractor Ron and Jamie made their way to the Tractorcade luncheon on the Hawkeye Downs property.

Ron told me this was the last production model for the 560 which actually sold into 1964. A decade later he bought this Farmall as his working tractor. Now, after refurbishing the tractor he parades the 50 year old machinery any place he can.

Some 530 tractors and riders made their way around eastern Iowa for three days. The weather was perfect with only today's potential for severe weather developing. Many farmers left the grounds as soon as they returned from the loop today to get ahead of the weather. But the balance of the riders and their supporters came in for a brat and hamburger lunch. Many will see each other in other regional tractorcades this summer. Radio station sisters WMT (Cedar Rapids) and WHO (Des Moines) both sent announcers to the site for live updates and interviews. Check it out next time when Tractorcade rolls near you. Sunday staging photos here.

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