Thursday, June 20, 2013

Taking Off with Allegiant Air at KCID

Mid-evening is a busy time for the Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A few nights ago the airport was the scene of activity with commercial, government and private aircraft. An Allegiant Airlines jet makes its way eastbound on the taxi runway for a westbound takeoff. Close behind is an arriving United Airlines Express jet taxiing to the terminal.

As the Allegiant aircraft makes two quick right turns near the end of the runway, sunshine floods the plane's silhouette, showing Allegiant's colorful branding scheme.

It's nose up and wheels locked as another Allegiant flight goes direct to a sunny destination with no hub transfer.

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  1. I love watching planes, we live fairly close to the airport, but not close enough to see takeoffs, however, we found a spot where I will go "hunting" for planes one day, in hope I can take some pics!