Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cooperative Venture Southbound Near Burlington, Iowa

Working life on the Mississippi River is often characterized by towboats and their cargo. Commerce on the river also includes excursions, fishing, channel maintenance and the like, plus hundreds of support industries positioned for the manufacture and delivery of goods and services.

On this day the towboat, Cooperative Venture from St. Louis passed southbound pushing an array of barges under the Great River Bridge at Burlington, Iowa. Painted numbers on the bridge support indicate the distance from water level to the lower portion of the bridge to aid tows and other craft in negotiating the overpass. The barge configuration, three abreast, carries a flag designating the lead formation.

Upon close examination it appears that these 15 tied barges are empty as they ride high on the waterway. After passing the bridge the Cooperative Venture quickly changed orientation as to align with the next passage, an aerial lift bridge just a short distance away. Once again the river provides endless entertainment through its natural vistas and working commerce. And all of that just a few hours or less from the mighty 42N observation station. Know that.

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