Wednesday, March 14, 2012

World Famous - Lincoln Cafe in Belle Plaine Iowa

A staple for Model A drivers on the Lincoln Highway was and is the Lincoln Cafe in Belle Plaine, Iowa. The restaurant has seen a variety of owners throughout the years but currently seems to be thriving under new management. Without doing the research, this iconic porcelin and neon sign may be as old as the cafe itself - roughly built in 1913. Symbolically the arrow points westward towards the Lincoln Highway's terminus in California.

Across the street (the Lincoln Highway) is a light orange brick building which was the Herring Hotel for road travelers and railroad workers. Today the building stands in need of major repair including a roof.

While Big Jumbo, the artesian well remains capped just a few blocks away, the excitment of the town's new main street and museum have reframed the town's past with the present, including the still functioning Lincoln Cafe. Know that. 

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