Monday, March 12, 2012

Brush Fire Contained Near I-380 and Kirkwood - Cedar Rapids

Windy and dry conditions last Saturday provided fuel for a brush fire just off Interstate 380, south of Cedar Rapids. Spectators watched emergency crews from Cedar Rapids, Ely and Swisher arrive to fight the fast moving fire. Some speculated that a discarded cigarette from a vehicle along I-380 started the dry grass on fire. Very strong westerly winds pushed the fire eastward toward the Kirkwood dormitory apartment area.

Emergency crews arrived with brush fighting equipment. Fire fighters dug fire lines while others hosed the flames directly. A construction debris pile containing disgarded plastic pipes, wood and other possible combustibles was comsumed by flames. Crews worked to contain this pile as well as the path to a nearby farm building. At some point during the evening the fire was extinguished.

The next day I compared my photos with that in the local newspaper. My portfolio was on par if not better than what was published - although timing and access was in favor of the newspaper. Know that.

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