Sunday, January 29, 2012

WWII German Helmet on the March Again

World War II's legacy continues 67 years after German surrender in the form of war relic transactions. Direct from a WWII veteran's estate in Dubuque, Iowa came this German helmet and bayonet (not pictured) for sale at auction.

The long knife and scabbard sold first to a buyer from Wisconsin for $115. He collects Nazi relics and became giddy after the bayonet purchase, although the knife was missing one piece of hardware that attaches the weapon to a German rifle. His wife just rolled her eyes at the purchased weapon.

Then came the selling of the helmet which included a brief description of a cut chinstrap (perhaps by the bayonet) as the only area of concern. Audience attention went from busy chatter to almost silence as the auctioneer opened bidding to the floor and buyers on the telephone. Floor bidders stopped around $700, however action continued between phone bidders until a winner was declared. The hammer fell following a $825 bid from a person in New Jersey.

Brief relic selling was a curious matter-of-fact transaction. Following the sale of these war pieces, the auction resumed its course of collectible glassware, jewelery, appliances, records, magazines and such.

Encountering a piece of history is a rare occurance. Several people examined the helmet before the sale, remarking about it's iconic shape, the cut leather strap, and of course the Nazi emblem. Few expressed an uneasiness with the helmet's creepiness factor of being a powerful symbol of World War II. They are probably glad that the Third Reich helmet is on its way to New Jersey. Know that.

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