Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dry Land for The Pearl Button

River cruising season is long over for these continental mid-latitudes. This week's snow storm, the first of the 2011-12 winter, also ushered in frigid temperatures. One way to keep a boat from being crunched during winter's grip is to remove it from the freezing water. That is exactly what was done for Muscatine, Iowa's dinner cruiser, The Pearl Button.

Today the ship sits atop supports just a few feet from the Mississippi River. A glimpse at the river's edge reaffirms why The Pearl Button was hauled out of the water. Large jagged ice chunks pushed by a strong wind smacked into the shoreline. A season's worth of this action could smash a hull to bits.

This week's visits to America's river - once to Bellevue and today to Muscatine is pure magnetism. Being drawn to this famous river with it's symbolism, history and beauty continues. Its like a siren's call but without the red hair mermaid. Know that.

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