Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lisbon House Fire Contained By Multiple Community Firefighters

Yesterday while in Mount Vernon, Iowa one, two, then three fire trucks rolled by. A few minutes later a fourth one sped off to the east towards Lisbon. Camera in hand, it was time to go to see what was happening.

Lisbon is located just a few miles east of Mount Vernon along the Lincoln Highway. Downtown was filled with smoke when we arrived. A house just a block south of Main Street was on fire. 

We arrived on South Jackson Street to see several fire and rescue vehicles trying to contain a one house fire. Many people including some local firefighters from Lisbon were in transit to the UNI dome in Cedar Falls for their local high school football championship game.

As a precaution other town fire departments were recruited to fill in if needed. On this dry, cold and windy day the help was needed.

While the fire remains under investigation the newly remodeled section of the house was the area that received the most damage. The family was away from the home when fire broke out but were onsite during the emergency. Their pet dog did not survive.

Local media present at the scene included KGRG television and the Gazette. Watch and read more about the story here.

Firefighters from Lisbon, Mount Vernon, Mechanicsville and Solon were on the scene - and maybe more. The duration and characteristics of the fire meant that the fire personnel rotated in and out of the house, changed oxygen tanks often and answered to many chiefs. Their combined effort fortunately limited damage to one house. We as a society don't pay these firefighters enough to do what they do.

Soon after the fire was contained, the multiple town crews began to transition into a cleanup and monitor mode. This firefighter had his outfit sprayed to wash off blackened soot. Later in the afternoon the home was secured.

Having the camera present during various times allows for recording some great images. Sometimes the opportunities are simple, like photographing a dragonfly's wings, other times the subjects are more dramatic. Know that.


  1. Looks like you have a future in photo journalism, Dave; nice shots!

  2. That was one of my friends houses. We actually left there about ten minutes before the fire. How crazy is that? I guess we are very lucky that we were on our way to the state game too which we ended up winning in a very very close game.