Monday, July 18, 2011

A week ago on July 11th severe straight line winds damaged portions of Iowa's Marshall, Tama, Benton and northern Linn counties. Wind speeds researched 135 mph for a short time. Overall damage consisted of uprooted trees, destroyed grain bins, downed power lines and damaged homes. During a short drive to Vinton, Iowa the 42N photography staff took images of what the area looks like almost a week after the early morning storm hit.

A few blocks south of the downtown area in Vinton are large ornate homes over a hundred years old. Many of these homes experienced damage from the winds. Century old trees were also toppled. A radio report pointed out that nearly 50 percent of Vinton's trees were destroyed.

In Dysart, Iowa farmers burned debris damage. This particular farm sustained heavy damage to its bins, barns and out buildings.

Aside from seeing metal fragments of grain bins scattered in open fields like downed satellites, there was this site of round hay bales resting in the road ditches. Very unusual. 

In Garrison, Iowa the local library sustained loss of their roof and second floor. What a mess. Corn crops showed signs of wind damage and some were re-straightening themselves with a bend at the base - something that is called "goose necking" by farmers. It will take months to clean and restore structures from the damage. Hopefully the bins can be restored before the fall harvest in a few months. Know that.

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  1. Goodness, that storm was so destructive! I'm sorry to hear that they lost so many trees and buildings.