Monday, July 25, 2011

Once Upon Somebody's Home

On the road from Central City, Iowa take the road southeast to Waubeek. Here you will discover this framed farm house circa 1880s. Looks like the current landowners stay next door in a brick home but preserve this structure, although barely.

The north facing porch vaguely resembles the home that Iowa native Grant Wood painted in the American Gothic scene. That famous home is located in southeast Iowa some eighty miles away near Eldon.

Still, you can imagine that this rural Central City house was once brand new over a hundred years ago, perhaps occupied by a farm family and flourished for many generations. It was once somebody's home. Know that.


  1. I love it. I wonder what it is that makes old houses like this so intriguing to us. They definitely make great photo ops :)

  2. Every time I see a house like this I wonder why the people vacated the house. There was that last day that someone lived there. It has aged beautifully and artfully. Thanks!