Saturday, April 23, 2011

Welcome to Iowa's Kinnick Stadium Except For...

A sign of the times at the University of Iowa's Kinnick Stadium is a list of items not allowed in the stadium. Looks to be a pretty standard list probably designed, I'm sure, for the safety of fans, players, coaches, vendors and the media. 

The list's "large lens cameras" is perplexing only as a specific type of photographic equipment restriction. The advent of powerful point and shoot cameras with decent zoom and resolution can still make photographing from the stands a rewarding venture. Given a choice I prefer to bring in my DSLR and 200mm zoom to get some great photos.

The list restriction is obviously flawed and acts only as a guideline. Otherwise to be complete it would further prohibit items such as weapons, cigarettes (which are already banned from the stadium but not on this sign,) large hats, drunk people, pets, Weber grills, air space violations, hovercraft, torsion physics and the Ohio State Buckeye mascot. Know that.


  1. How exciting - - - a Kinnick Stadium post!!!

    I'm puzzled about the "no banners" part - - - don't I see signs being help up at Iowa games?????? I THOUGHT I did - - - - -

    hmmmmm, something to WATCH for this fall.

    Go Hawkeyes - - - - - until the NEXT time you meet the Badgers.


  2. This is kind of funny, but familiar. I think most of them are designed to bring more money to the companies that run concessions, not for the protection of patrons.