Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sykora Bakery Ice Cream and Sunshine

Czech kolaches, pastries and rye bread are main fare at the Sykora Bakery in Czech Village located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. On this warm Spring day with temperatures pushing the mid 70F degrees, visitors to the famous bakery treat themselves to ice cream and sunshine.  

The entire Czech village area has been slowly reopening since the Cedar River flood of 2008 that destroyed most of these businesses. The bakery was closed at the time of the flood and reopened in April 2009 with great fanfare.

Just down the block workers prepare for the movement of the National Czech and Slovak Museum building later in April. Expectations for the building move includes closing a few bridges to accommodate viewers and television crews to document the herculean effort. On this day a quiet Czech Village (except for music heard coming from Ernie's Tap at left) waits for the historic moving day with crowds estimated to be around 10,000 watchers - all who will want a Sykora kolache and maybe a beer from Ernies. Know that.

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  1. We're all ready for a little ice cream and sunshine, no???